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High up in the mountainous region of Momostenango, Guatemala, these thick and incredibly soft wool blankets are perfect to wrap yourself up in on a cool winter evening. 

Locally sourced wool is handspun using antique wood spinning wheels. Once the yarns are ready, they are hand dyed using sustainable, non-toxic dyes. The final step of the process is mounting the yarns on traditional foot looms, where the blankets are weaved by hand by master artisans. 

This is a time-intensive process, and it can take up to four days to make each blanket. The minimalist stripe and arrow design has been passed down for generations in this town and is specific to this region of Guatemala. 

This blanket helps support ethical employment and provide education for the women and children of Momostenango in Guatemala.  


Approximately 56” x 76” and 2” long tassels

Material: 100% wool 


Dry clean only