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Teotitlan Del Valle Women's Weaving Cooperative


Women's Weaving Cooperative | Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca

Historically, only men were allowed to weave, but in the last 60 years women have been able to be a part of this tradition. These women have an incredible sense of community and work together to support each other. They have shown incredible courage and conviction to make a new life for themselves in the face of great challenges, transforming their community in the process.

The co-operative is consistently investing in community programs and workshops on subjects such as recycling, sex education, self esteem, self-sufficiency and domestic abuse. Their textiles are created using pedal looms with the highest quality wool, and they exclusively use all natural dyes.

Their ancient craft techniques have been passed down through many generations, a creative process that blends ancient tradition with their own artistic expression. We are in awe of these talented, strong women and are honoured to be working in partnership with them.