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Our Story

We believe our homes should be inspired by the journeys we take and the stories we carry back into our lives along the way. We believe our personal spaces deserve designs with soul, a story and a purpose. 

Country by country, we partner with master artisans, blending our modern style with their time-tested techniques. Our collections are consciously designed, ethically sourced, travel inspired, stylish, yet simple. With each piece we celebrate the story behind the product - the people, the culture and the community.

We work with women’s cooperatives, family run businesses and individual artisans. While shopping at NOMA you will not only support the artisan who made the product but will also connect into a small piece of their life story. Their meticulous, old age crafting techniques are passed down through generations. Just like those who have gone before them, they weave their stories, line by line.

Our name is inspired by ‘Nomad’ and ‘Collective’ reflects the collective of artisans, designers and dreamers who rally together from across cultures and continents to craft our collections. Our Founder and Creative Director, Rebecca, has a passion for home design and has worked in the industry in both the UK and the US. She currently resides in California, a place she finds to be a constant source of inspiration for NOMA's designs, and loves the opportunity of working on Californian homes as part of NOMA Studio

Our Mission

To create trade and commercial opportunities for global artisans, supporting them through custom, intentional, unique home collections. In today's world of mass produced goods, NOMA strives to bring a sense of origin and purpose to the items in your home. 

Our Philosophy

Our products are made one at a time by hand. We value the amount of energy and skill that goes into creating these one of a kind pieces. We value the traditional methods of production. We believe in the beauty of imperfection and that handmade products carry the energies of their maker within them. 

We collaborate regularly on new designs with our artisan partners. We also work in collaboration with like minded brands that are committed to transparency and follow fair trade practices in all aspects of business.

Each purchase made on our site has helped our artisans achieve independence and empowerment, and for this we thank you!




All of our products are fair trade and we support safe working conditions in our artisan communities.

Your purchase is going back into the community from which that product was lovingly created.

Across our products you will find recycled and repurposed materials used by the artisans in their craft.

We also use recycled packaging and promise to minimise our footprint in all of our business practices.

Each product is made by hand using locally sourced materials. 


Our artisans use an assortment of natural materials native to where the product is being made.