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Add the finishing touches to your space with our pit fired clay blessing beads from Oaxaca, Mexico. These beads look beautiful draped across an arrangement of your favourite coffee table books, or on a mantle or shelf. 

Created by a family of master potters, each bead is rolled by hand and pit fired. The beads are then hand-threaded onto handmade agave string, knotted, and finished with a handmade tassel made from soft wool that is washed, carded and spun by hand on a traditional drop spindle.

These beads are a beautiful way to count the gifts of daily living. They are traditionally used to aid prayer and meditation and are said to bring good fortune. They make a very special and unique gift for a loved one. 


Approximately 18" long with tassels. 

Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image.


Wipe down with damp cloth. The wool can be carefully washed by hand in cold water, if required.

Please note that as the beads are pit fired, they are fragile.


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