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These delicately textured and woven chargers are sold in a set of 4 and make for an eye catching place setting on your dining table. 

Made by a women’s cooperative in Uganda using locally sourced raffia plant and banana fibers, the artisans weave together these sustainable materials using a sewing needle to achieve these incredible pieces of art. 

Prior to working with this cooperative, many of the artisans worked manual labor jobs or as local vendors. It was financially difficult to support themselves and their children. Many of them have now become the primary income earners in their households. They weave in small groups, building community and mastering their trade. They can now invest in their childrens' education, increase their savings, and plan for a hopeful future.

Learn more about the Rural African Weaving Cooperative 


Sold in a set of 4.

Size: 10" D. 

Made from all natural fibers of banana bark and sweetgrass.


Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Made of natural fibers and grass; do not submerge or wash with water.

Avoid using chemicals or detergents.