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Medium - 12.5" W x 17" T
Large - 16" W x 21" T


These bags are made in Mexico using a knotting technique that is common in the state of Guerrero, these pieces are individually created by hand using hand-gathered palm.

After the palm is harvested, it’s washed, dried in the sun to lighten it, then woven to shape. First the circles are woven, then the side piece, which is stitched into place with twisted palm rope. The large sized bags are roughly three full days of work to produce, while the medium bags are roughly two.

The handles are made from palm that is wrapped around natural fiber, and are flexible and sturdy. These bags can hold heavier weights, with no issues. The large size can be worn on the shoulder, while the medium size is a handbag.


Medium - Approximately  12.5” W x 17” H

Large - Approximately 16” W x 21” H


Cleaning these pieces simply involves a damp cloth, perhaps with a bit of mild soap, if required.  


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